Ecotree... Providing Environmentally
Sustainable Solutions

Ecotree is a bioscience company that puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions which contribute to a cleaner, safer and healthier Mother Earth.

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Biobased products currently available from Ecotree include tractor transmission hydraulic fluid, industrial hydraulic fluids for process and machinery applications, food-grade hydraulic fluids and greases, incidental food contact lubricants, non-staining and non-toxic chain lubricants, greases for use in automotive, railroad and machinery applications, chainsaw and chainsaw bar lubricant, motorcycle two stroke and four stroke engine oil, outboard motor oil, gear lubes, compressor oil, transmission line cooling fluids and metalworking fluids which include emulsifiable and neat cutting oils, slideway oils, metal tapping and drawing oils, pipe threading oils as well as a range of specialty lubricants.

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